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What Clients Are Saying About Us

saintsbury logo color.jpg

Saintsbury enlisted the services of Elise Baril and Baril Compliance Service in 1997! We had just left our national broker and naively, looking back on it, found ourselves in a version of Compliance Hell unknown even to Dante. I contacted Elise Baril at the behest of a trusted friend (thank you, Gopal Shankar) and have never looked back. Her lawyerly knowledge and sense of humor make for a perfect match. Her trusted team is invariably at the ready to take care of any issue and answer any question with diligence, accuracy, and joyfulness. In summary, the work Baril Compliance Service provides is worthy of confidence and the added bonus of an enduring professional friendship. 

Virginia Rogstad (707) 252-0592


I have worked with Elise Baril and Baril Compliance Service since 2003 at three wineries. We chose BCS at Rosenblum Cellars after performing a thorough search among many wine compliance service candidates. When I arrived at Kuleto Estate, I called BCS in the first month. And now as an independent consultant, I was pleasantly surprised to find BCS already in place at Leonhardt Vineyards. 


I can't begin to describe how valuable and effective Elise Baril and her team are. At all three companies, they helped us assess our wine compliance situation, corrected our compliance problems across all states, and got us new direct shipping permits as states like NY, FL and TX came available. Each year working with Elise Baril and her company, I continue to be impressed with Elise Baril and her firm's professionalism, customer service, and knowledge. Since 2004

Timothy Allen (707) 968-5089


I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I tried doing the CA ABC and TTB paperwork myself and found myself spinning in circles. I reached out to BCS for help.  They did an amazing job accomplishing the first set of CA ABC and TTB permits I needed. A year later I moved and everything about my business changed. I reached out again and within my frustration of government agencies lacking the necessary staff to handle all the requests, Baril Compliance Service and especially Teri Molini went the extra mile for me. It was grounding to know that someone was on my team! Since 2011

Brandon Armitage (831) 708-2874

GrapeJuice Group.png

As a national importer in 44 states, compliance can be overwhelming. Elise Baril and her team are exceptionally knowledgeable, and have amazing relationships with every state. They get things done, and are an absolute joy to work with. Their responsiveness is amazing, and the value they provide is refreshing in this industry. I would NEVER use anyone else for compliance  Baril Compliance Service is a huge part of our success, and always will be. I would highly recommend Baril Compliance Service for compliance services. I can’t seem to find the right words to say enough about how pleased we are with them. However, words like amazing, kind, caring, wonderful, and beautiful people to work with seems appropriate. Since 2020.

Danny Keefe (970) 471-4182


For the past decade + Elise Baril and her team at Baril Compliance Service have served International Vines with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and with an exceptionally high-level of industry knowledge. They have faced economic downturns, economic upturns; where it was almost impossible to find good people, natural disasters that pushed many of the staff out of their homes (sometimes for good), and of course a pandemic. Through it all, honestly, we never noticed a difference in their superior service. Over 30 years I have worked with several compliance companies—none have held a candle to Elise Baril, Charity Baril Saneholtz, and the people that work with them. Since 2009.

W. Gillett Johnson (415) 305-8622


I have worked directly with Elise Baril and her team for many years, both in my role as Managing Director of Swanson Vineyards and as General Manager of Cliff Lede Vineyards/S. Anderson Vineyard. Their work is unfailingly accurate and timely. Wine compliance and regulatory paperwork is done right the first time. I can recommend Baril Compliance Service without hesitation. Since 2002

Michael Updegraff (800) 428-2259


After a couple of early mis-starts we found Elise Baril and her Baril Compliance Service and have been with them ever since; well into our second decade. You don’t stay with someone for that long unless you are getting good service. Ours has been great service; prompt, professional and understanding. Lots of people can execute most of the time but Elise and company do it day in and day out; period. Since 2001.

Pat Stotesbery (707 ) 965-2445


BCS has been doing our winery compliance exclusively since June 1995. They are expert, professional, reasonably priced and easy to work with. As a growing family-based winery, we don't have time to handle all of our own compliance. Elise Baril's team has helped us to keep up the details of our compliance needs.

Lulu Handley (707) 895-2190


Starting with the first day I had contact with BCS, each telephone call to your company impressed me. Elise Baril and and her staff are professionals in the old school sense. I was always greeted with politeness and no question asked was ignored. Thank you for your assistance, and for making the wine compliance portion of my responsibilities so easy. Since 2008

Argene Giorgi (415) 752-8793


As a wholesaler in today's marketplace it gives me peace of mind to know that there are people and companies out there like Baril Compliance Service doing wine shipping compliance. We have worked on many projects together over the years and Baril Compliance Service has always maintained a very professional relationship with us. Their level of service is above and beyond what you would expect. I look forward to working with Elise Baril and the team for many years to come.

Tom Blando (816) 876-2151


Navigating the choppy, dark and dangerous waters of compliance is not our idea of a good time. Knowing that our compliance, and all the paperwork that goes along with it, is in the capable and friendly hands of Baril Compliance Service is of paramount importance to us. They keep us on target and on track. They are creative and efficient, communicative and responsive. What more could you want from your compliance services company?  Since 2008

Jim Silver (707) 963-8600


Baril Compliance Service is a key partner for JARDESCA. I have had the pleasure of working with Baril Compliance Service for a number of years and when it came time for my partners and I to launch our own brand and obtain our TTB and CA ABC permits, there was no question who we would call for our compliance needs. Compliance is a part of the business where you absolutely need a partner you can trust, and Baril has been JARDESCA’s partner from day one.  Whether we need help with Direct to Consumer, Wholesale or other compliance services, Baril has always been attentive and reliable. Since 2015

Marcus Seiden (707) 508-7778


We built and opened a new 5000 ton custom crush facility for the 2014 harvest in less than 9 months. It was a fast and furious project and we were looking for help anywhere we could find it. The staff at Baril Compliance Service was brought on to handle all of our startup compliance for CA ABC and TTB licensing. They assured me that they could complete the process under the deadline and they did, with ease. Their team was efficient, knowledgeable, professional and the price was hard to beat. It was a great experience!

Heath Dolan (707) 799-2852 


I have worked with Elise Baril and her team at Baril Compliance Service for over 15 years. They always do an amazing job at very difficult and time consuming tasks. They never miss any of the details. In addition to creating very high quality work products, they are very nice to work with. I always appreciate their timely communications. Thank you for all your help. Since 2006.

Carol Lindstrom (415) 244-4144

Laurent Perrier.png

After making the switch to Baril Compliance Service in 2018, we knew we picked the right compliance company. They were able to adapt their business during the turbulence of 2020 without letting a license lapse or a shipping report go unchecked. It’s a privilege to work with Elise Baril and her team.

Dawn Land (718) 606-6806

Langman Estate.png

Elise Baril and the TEAM at Baril Compliance Service, have many decades of experience and success in leading wineries through the matrixes of federal, state and local DTC & Wholesale sales compliance. Great group of talented, knowledgeable  and nice people! We are a small, high quality, family winery who is given the same amount of attention as the “big guys”, but require a lot more patience because we are just a "mom n’ pop" operation. We really appreciate the opportunity to customize services with the Baril Compliance Service TEAM that allows us to take on some of the simple functions ourselves and leave the more complicated and time consuming functions to the real professionals. This affords us the ability to continue to build our DTC presence in many more states than we would be able to do with other compliance companies. Since 2018.

Sue & Jim Langman (479) 899-5768


In January 2011 we urgently needed licenses in all states, after leaving our marketing company. Elise Baril and her team at Baril Compliance Service methodically and swiftly worked as partners with us to secure and maintain supplier and brand compliance in each market. Whenever we have a compliance question they are quick to respond and assist. I highly recommend their services.
Andrea Slichter (425) 481-5502


We’ve worked with Baril since 2010. Great group of people. It’s so nice to leave the complexities of compliance in their capable hands. 
Cori Curtola Gormley (707) 745-3649


Toad Hollow Vineyards has used Baril Compliance Service since 1994 to do our wine compliance. We have nothing but praise for the competence and professionalism shown by Elise Baril and her staff. By using Baril Compliance Service we have been able to concentrate on marketing and have kept our payroll down thanks to not having to hire in-house compliance employees. We highly recommend Baril Compliance Service to any winery needing assistance in the compliance field for ABC, TTB, wholesale or direct to consumer.

Erik Thorson (707) 431-1441


My company approached Elise Baril and Baril Compliance to handle a transfer of our alternating premise from one location to another. We had a great number of issues that went beyond the normal change-over for this ABC compliance/TTB compliance job.  I was extremely impressed with the extra mile that Elise's team went to get us set with the TTB/ABC. While they had no idea what they were getting into, they handled every obstacle quickly and with supreme professionalism. The follow-up was the most impressive and I can honestly say I can think of no other group of wine professionals who could have done a better job. We are grateful to have had their services at our disposal. Top notch folks! Since 2010

Hunter Vogel (415) 377-2710


I find Baril Compliance Service invaluable for wholesale and direct shipping. Elise Baril takes care of the details that I, frankly, can never find time for. And she does it efficiently, economically, and this is the best bit - cheerfully! She's great. Since 1995.

Don Weaver (707) 944-1441


I love to brag about our use of Baril Compliance Service, because they are absolutely, unconditionally, the final word on great winery compliance work for wholesale and direct shipping! Elise Baril and her Team are experts on keeping all of our needs in good order. They do it with very cost-effective rates, with patience, with timely reminders, and with a smile, since 2006. You can't ask for more than that!!

Oded Shakked (707) 433-3473


Elise Baril and her team are not only very responsive and thorough, they offer proactive service with a friendly personal touch. Being a small family owned winery, we often need extra attention and assistance to keep our winery compliant. Baril Compiance Service always delivers and has proven to be an excellent partner for Limerick Lane Cellars. Since 2009.

David Messerli (707) 433.9211


We would highly recommend Elise Baril and her wonderful team at Baril Compliance Service.  We have very limited experience with compliance and would be lost without them. Every employee we have had the pleasure to work with has been very professional, cheerful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They know the compliance laws inside and out and make sure we meet all filing deadlines with their gentle reminders. Baril Compliance Service rates are very cost effective and worth every penny. We feel secure knowing they are taking care of all our compliance needs in a timely and accurate fashion. Since 2009.

Melina Acuros (707) 933-2800

magnolia logo.jpg

I cannot say enough good things about Elise Baril and her team at Baril Compliance Service. Magnolia Blossom Wines has been a client since we began our small, family owned and run brand. Over the years Elise Baril has helped our family hurdle many obstacles in the compliance field, that, as a new brand owner living in Florida and making our wine in California would have never dreamed would be an issue. The team is top notch and very detail oriented. I would absolutely recommend anyone in search of a compliance expert to look no further than Baril Compliance Service. Since 2015

Pat Roberts (850) 212-5511


Massanois has used Elise Baril and her company Baril Compliance Service for over 8 years. They handle all of our compliance and reporting in 40+ states. Her team has the answers and their response time is exceptional. We highly recommend Baril Compliance Services. Since 2012.

Ben Fischbach (914) 722-9100

Valkyrie Logo - NEW_edited.png

Elise Baril and the team at Baril Compliance Service have been wonderful partners for our company, Valkyrie Selections. Our complex business structure, operations across both wholesale and direct to consumer channels, and steep growth curve have required a tremendous amount of organization, flexibility, and patience; all of which Baril Compliance Service has provided in spades.  Since 2019.

Emily Peterson (704) 965-1420

Baril Compliance Service is the best, period. Elise Baril and team are always responsive, knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. Baril Compliance Service files our routine compliance and I rarely even hear about it beyond the summary they send. And for more complicated compliance questions, I often get the impression the Baril Compliance Service team knows the states better than they know themselves! I recommend BCS most highly! Elise Baril and team: we so appreciate the hard work you do on our behalf, thank you! Since 2015.

Maxine Zhang (925) 480-7773

TTT- Logo.jpg

In late 2017 I initially spoke with Elise Baril, who was engaging and very knowledgeable about the wine industry and the process of licensing a new winery. From the moment I signed the contract until the day we received our winery license, the professionals at Baril Compliance Service were timely, supportive and knowlegable. Additionally, I engaged Elise Baril and her team to obtain Direct-To-Consumer licenses and I received those licenses without issues. As a new entrance into the complex world of wine and wine compliance, the Baril Compliance Team made the whole process and experience seamless and they were professional at every step. I would recommend Baril Compliance Service to any new entrance (or even wineries that have been in business for many years) without hesitation. I continue to rely on the expertise of the Baril Compliance Team and I am very satisfied at the continued support I receive. Since 2018.

Thomas Thomas (510) 375-8411


I have worked with Elise Baril and her team at Baril Compliance Service for 10+ years and they have consistently delivered reliable, sound and excellent service in the tricky compliance world. Attempting to navigate the labyrinth of filings, due dates, postings, etc would be a hefty endeavor to say the least. It brings peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated support team of experts watching your back. The best part is it allows us to focus on our primary objectives; making and selling wine. Since 2010.

Scott Stone (707) 939-9363

Hawaii Sea Spirits logo 4 color process.jpg

I met Elise Baril and her team a few days after I learned we would be moving on from our mainland USA marketing partner. I was handed the task of obtaining spirits licensing compliance in 49 of 50 States and it needed to be done immediately. A few busy months later we accomplished what would have taken me years to do myself. The Baril Compliance Service team far exceeded our expectations. Going forward I have also found Baril Compliance Service to be extremely cost effective for maintaining the licenses and doing all of the monthly state reporting. I get the value of having a team of experts for less than the cost of a full time employee. We not only found the best contractor for this important work, but we made some great friends along the way. Since 2016

Bill Scott (808) 877-0009

I’ve worked with and have relied on Elise Baril and her expertise for the past 25 years. That really just says it all! Baril Compliance Service are my go to for all wine related compliance.  

Yvonne Lozinto (707) 431-4310

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